A Comprehensive Review of Surfing Betting in Australia

For a long time, the sport of surfing hasn’t truly existed in its current state, however, it is fast becoming one of the most exciting sport to have ever reached global television. Surfing is nothing new to Australia, with some of the most talented surfers rising from Down Under.

Close to every single surfing event is now screened live straight into our homes, allowing the punters that wish to take a little gamble on a sport that is both unpredictable and fast-paced. What’s more, the results are quick, which makes surfing betting that much more appealing to those that don’t like drawn out wagers.

Australia’s Finest

Sun-kissed and famous for pristine beaches, Australia is a prime destination for professional surfing, which is a large reason some of the world’s greatest surfers have been Aussies.

One of the most popular surfers to have ever come from Australia, Mark ‘Occy’ Occhilupo, revolutionised the sport as a teen, while more recent surfing heroes include Layne Beachley, who has taken home an astounding 7 World Championship titles and Mick Fanning, who has won several ASP World titles and is mostly known now for taking on a shark and surfacing unscathed on a professional tour.

The fact that Australia has produced so much talent has most certainly led to the increase in surfing bets, with numerous punters that much more passionate about Aussie representatives.

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Types of Surfing Bets

There are various types of surfing bets that punters are able to take advantage of, with the head-to-head bets proving to be most popular amongst punters in Australia. These are simple bets suited to beginners that simply require punters to determine the winner of a head-to-head or 3-way heat.

There are also surfing future sports betting markets available, which essentially means that a punter needs to determine who will win the overall competition, the semi-finals or who they think will make it through to the finals.

Lastly, Aussie sportsbooks love to make things interesting and throw up random markets, which are referred to as novelty markets. These would essentially be something along the lines of a bet that asks whether a champion is going to make a comeback to one of the pro-surfing tours.

Surfing Betting Tips

Punters that are slightly new to the world of surfing betting, or those simply looking for as much advice as they can possibly get to improve their chances, will be pleased to know that numerous top online sports betting sites offer some lucrative surfing betting tips.

Here, punters are able to access advice on who to place their bets on, with most places encouraging individuals to stray from simply assuming the bigger names will take home the gold, as well as keep an eye on rankings, surfing betting odds and more.

Best Surfing Betting Sites

The hunt for a first-class online sports betting site that doesn’t simply offer surfing betting odds, but also promises safe transactions 24-hour customer service and worthwhile bonuses and promotions, can be a truly difficult with so much choice.

Fortunately, bettingsportsaus.com has the best sites for online surfing betting, with excellent winning opportunities and a mountain of fun to be had!