How to Win Playing Online Greyhound Betting

By following our recommend list of greyhound betting sites you will open yourself up to not only fantastic bookmakers but also the best greyhound betting strategies and greyhound racing betting tips available online.

Greyhound betting tips are designed to help you improve your winning odds by effective knowledge and bankroll management.

Look Closely At Previous Races

Before selecting a hound to wager on, check what his previous performance was like. Often times a loss on a favourite will mean that in the next race you may find a value bet since the loss will affect that hounds’ odds.

The loss doesn’t mean that the dog is going downhill, it could simple be that he had one bad race. Additionally you may sometimes encounter dogs that have lost a few races in a certain class and then they get moved to a lower class.

These dogs are great bets as they may have been moved to tougher divisions when they were dominating lower graded races.

Find Reputable Online Bookmakers

With so many online bookmakers out there, it’s not easy to distinguish between a reliable or a dodgy site. There are a few things you can keep an eye out for like for instance does the site carry a licence from a recognised gaming authority.

Other things can include the quality of the home page layout. If the page is swamped with ads, chances are the site’s server is not very secure.

Hands down the best way to find a good online bookmaker is to have someone else do all the hard work for you, like us!

We list, vet and recommend the best sites for greyhound racing betting. The bookmakers on our list are proven fair, proven secure and proven reliable.

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Manage Your Funds Effectively

If you are participating in online sports betting for fun, you probably make wagers based on the disposable cash you have with you at that time. If you take sports betting seriously however, you will be budgeting a monthly allowance to spend on sport betting.

This money should be split into single wagers that can be placed daily. Don’t be concerned if the single wager amounts are lower than you would usually spend on a single wager.

When you start considering greyhound betting as a long term venture, then you will realise that making regular smaller wagers using an effective bankroll strategy will be more rewarding in the long run.

It doesn’t matter if you follow greyhound betting tips effectively. You won’t have success in the long run if you are blowing your hard earned money on single high-risk bets.

A World Of Resources At Your Fingers

What makes most online bettor’s greyhound betting so much more worthwhile is the amount of resources the internet places at your finger tips.

You don’t need to go around guessing or simply trusting your gut.

You won’t need to look up information from out-dated magazines at your land based bookmaker.

Simply jump online using a smartphone, tablet, desktop pc or other Internet enabled device and sign up for real money betting.

Our recommended list of bookmakers will be the only source you need to find exciting greyhound bets.