Best Strategy For Boxing Betting Down Under

There are various ways in which a boxing fight may end.  The knockout is where one of the fighters is knocked out and is unable to get up after the referee has counted to ten.  The technical knockout is when the referee ends the fight because one of the fighters is unable to continue because of an injury due to a punch or if one fighter concedes.  A decision is when any of the fighters wins the fight by a points decision determined by the judges.  A technical decision is where the outcome after an injury is decided by points and a disqualification is when one of the fighters is disqualified.

With these various outcomes in mind there are a few different types of boxing bets that punters can place.  Some of these are similar to other types of Australian sports bets.

Types of Boxing Bets

The Moneyline bet is the simplest bet to place and with this bet punters place a bet on a boxer to win, will the fight go the whole way or will it end in a draw.  Over/Under Rounds is similar to the Over/Under bet in other sports, but in boxing the sportsbook will set the amount of rounds for the fight and punters will either bet over or under this amount.  Fight Outcome betting is placing a bet on the overall winner of the fight as well as how the fight was won.  There are two types of round betting.  The first is grouped round betting and punters must decide who will win the fight and in how many rounds and the second type is betting on the fighters to win in a certain amount of rounds.  The odds for this type of bet are better.  Another popular bet is when boxers say how many rounds they will take to win a fight.

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The stoppage or knockout bet is more difficult and has a higher risk.  Here punters must try to predict if the fight will end in a knockout or is ended by the decision of the referee for various reasons.  This bet is made more difficult if each of the fighters are equally skilled and both have a good chance of winning.

Betting Tips and Strategies

Having a good strategy when placing bets on boxing matches is important if punters want to be successful at sports betting.  Studying the performance of the boxers is a good way to start, most of this information and other stats are available online.  Always look out for a sportsbook that offers bonuses and promotions, as these will be helpful when placing a bet.  Many of these promotions and bonuses are generous, but almost always come with terms and conditions.  For punters who are just starting out placing a bet only on a fighter to win may be risky and it is advisable to place smaller prop bets where there is a better chance of winning.

Having a good betting strategy and knowledge of the various bets will help players make good betting decisions, and signing up at any of the sites endorsed by will ensure you enjoy the best live betting experience possible!