Best Tips For Horse Racing Betting Australia

Also known as the sport of kings, horse racing can be divided into three types of races.  The most popular being thoroughbred races which punters all over the world place bets on.  Steeple chases are popular in the UK and with these types of events the horses have to jump over obstacles.  Harness racing was first developed in the US and is still a popular form of horse racing.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

Not only is horse racing exciting to watch but is one of the most popular betting sports.  There is a range of horse racing bets and punters should first understand how these work before placing a bet. At we bring you Australia’s finest betting sites, but before you begin, we suggest you understand the basics of betting on horses!

Basic Bets

There are basic horse racing bets and these are the win, place and each ways bets.  The win is the simplest bet and here punters bet on the horse to finish first.  The place bet is where punters select a horse that will finish first, second or third.  The place bet will usually have a lower payout than the win.  The each way bet is placing a bet on a horse to win and a place.  If the selected horse wins punters will be paid out a percentage of the win and place dividend, but if the horse comes second or third punters will receive a percentage of the place dividend.

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Exotic Bets

There are also a range of exotic horse racing bets and these are more involved, but offer higher payouts.  The quinella is choosing a horse that will finish first or second in no particular order.  The exacta is similar but the punter must choose which two horses will finish in that exact order.  The duet is a horse racing bet where punters must select two of three horses to finish the race in no particular order.

For the trifecta punters must choose the first three horses to finish in that order.  If punters choose a boxed trifecta the horses can finish in any order, but is a more expensive bet to place.  The first 4 bet is choosing four horses to finish in the exact order.  The daily double is selecting the horse to finish first in two races, which are chosen by the TAB.  These two races are usually the third last and the last race of the meeting.  The running double bet is where punters must choose a winning horse of successive races.  This type of bet is pool-based which means the payout is decided by the TAB.  One of the most popular exotic bets is the quaddie, and here punters must choose the winner of four races.  It is usually the last four races of a meeting, but some bookmakers have chosen earlier races known as early quaddies.  A similar bet is a treble and punters must select the winner of three races, once again, usually the last three races.  The payouts for the treble are usually less than the quaddie.  The super 6 is considered the lotto ticket of horse racing and here punters must choose the winner of six races.  These races could be from one meeting or a combination.  The pick 6 also offers a supplementary dividend which punters receive if they choose five of the winning horses.

Use these tips to get the edge when you enjoy horse racing or greyhound betting at any one of the sites that suggests! Download the best sports betting apps, for total convenience.