Best Sports Betting Apps For Android

Online sports betting has come very far since the days when one had to go to a dingy back street shop somewhere in Australia in order to place a bet on a race or a game. These days one has a number of convenient options for sports betting without even having to leave the house.

Android betting is one such option which has taken off in popularity in the last few years. Android devices are one of the most common mobile devices throughout Australia, so it was only a matter of time before software developers brought out Android betting apps designed specially to run on a mobile device which runs the Android operating system. Making use of these betting apps for Android if you have a suitable device will give you a number of advantages over regular betting sites.

Device Optimality

The betting apps for Android have been designed to run on specific mobile devices, making the best possible use of both the hardware and the software. This means that you will not have to scroll around the screen in order to see everything, nor will the menu items be too small to see or too difficult to sign in with.

Basically, Android sports betting on your device will give you best possible experience in every aspect. The touch screen allows for easy selection of various betting markets and sports, and coupled with the ability to catch the game live on your device ensures that you will never miss a moment.


Making use of Android betting apps means that placing a bet and keeping tabs on your wagers is as easy as checking your social media. Wagers can be placed right on your device from anywhere that you are, as long as you have a decent internet connection. Updates are sent directly to your phone or tablet, ensuring that you are always kept abreast of the latest developments. Games and races can be live streamed directly on your screen, allowing you to watch the action as it unfolds.

Specialised Bonuses

Many of the best android apps offer special bonuses for Australian punters who make use of them. These bonuses are most often sign up offers, which give you an amount of free money with which to place a wager.

Free bets are offered to attract new members to the app, most of which are backed by large online sports betting sites. These free bets can be used once a membership has been created, although they will mostly come with a number of terms and conditions.

Deposit matching bonuses are another popular offer which can be found on a number of the best Android betting apps. These are where the app, or site behind the app, will offer to match your initial few deposits up to a certain amount. This allows you to place larger wagers on more betting markets.

The Best Android Betting Apps

Finding the best apps for your device is as simple as looking through our handpicked apps, right here on We have searched cyber space to make sure that only the safest, most exciting apps for your Android device or offered on our list.

Every single one of them is guaranteed to bring you an unrivalled sports betting experience, with the best betting markets, sports and even live betting all in one place.