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The privacy of those who choose to pay a visit is very important to us.

We recognise that the privacy of your personal and financial information is vital. This information is intended to inform you of what kind of personal data we receive and collect when you visit and make use of the services we provide, and keep you up to date on what safeguards have been taken in order to secure your information. We will under no circumstances sell the information you have provided us with to third parties.

Log Files

As is the case with most businesses that are situated online, collects and makes use of the data contained in log files. This info includes your internet protocol, or IP, address; your internet service provider, or ISP; the browser you make use of when you visit our website, like Firefox or Internet Explorer; the time of day at which you paid a visit; and which pages you navigated to when you made your way to our site.

Web Beacons and Cookies uses cookies to store info, including your personal preferences when you pay our site a visit. This could include showing you popups only once, or the opportunity to log in to some of the features we provide, like the forums.

We make use of third party advertisements in order to support the site. Some of the companies that advertise with us may make use of cookies and web beacons, and this technology will provide these advertisers with info that may include your IP address, your ISP, the browser you made use of, and, sometimes, whether or not you have Flash installed on your device.

DoubleClick DART cookies may also make use of DART cookies for ad serving by means of Google’s DoubleClick. This places a cookie on your device when you are browsing the internet and decide to visit a site making use of DoubleClick ads, including some of Google’s AdSense adverts. This cookie provides you with ads that have been tailored to you specifically and which reflect your interests. The adverts served up will take your previous browsing history into account, as well: if you have been viewing sites that have information about visiting Las Vegas, USA, for example, adverts about hotel specials will be marked as within your field of interest, and will show up when you are visiting a non-related site.

DART makes use of information that cannot personally identify you, however, and does not record personal info like you name, email, physical address, contact numbers, or bank account and credit card information.

You can opt to disable or selectively turn off cookies belonging to or third party cookies from within your browser’s settings, or by managing your preferences in programmes like Norton Internet Security. Bear in mind, however, that choosing to do so may well affect how able you are to interact properly with not only our site, but the others you choose to visit. This could include not being able to login to certain services or programmes like accounts and forums.