Discover Top Australian iPhone Betting Apps

The Apple iPhone is one of the most iconic devices of the twenty first century. Its clear touch screen and minimalistic design sparked a range of other devices, all copying the originality of the iPhone. Another great use for the iPhone, as discovered by Australian punters is to place bets via an app, or iPhone betting.

iPhone Betting Apps

To streamline the mobile sports betting experience, a number of developers have come up with iPhone betting apps. These are applications designed to run specifically on the iPhone, providing the best possible mobile betting experience for the device. iPhone betting apps make use of the phone’s hardware and software to its premium ability, which means no squinting at sign up options that are too small or having to scroll around in order to see the entire screen.

A sports betting iPhone app can be specific, such as a cricket betting apps for iPhone, or it can be more generic and provide wagering on most of the major sporting markets in Australia.

As iPhone betting is still relatively new compared to regular Australian sports betting sites, there may not be the same diverse amount of options available as with a larger online site. This being said, we have taken great pains to ensure that our chosen iPhone betting apps are of the highest quality and offer the biggest selection of not only sports to wager on but betting markets too.

Best App For Your iPhone

To choose the app that suits you the best, you will need to look closely at a few categories. Please note that all of the apps on have been pre-vetted with regards to safety, security, and ease of use.

The first thing which you need to decide is which sport you wish to wager on. That may seem like a silly question, but not all of the apps cater for all of the sports.

You may be familiar with wagering on horse racing, but wish to try a new app in order to place a bet on the AFL or even an overseas league such as the NBA. Choosing the app which offers the sports you wish to wager on may seem like a no brainer, but in fact, may require a closer look at each individual application.

Once you have chosen your preferred sport, you now need to look at how the app works. All of our hand chosen iPhone betting apps have a selection of banking options, but possibly only some of them have the options which you prefer to use. Taking the time to look at the app and possibly read a few reviews will give you an idea of which options are made use of by which app.

Financial and Other Betting

There are a number of betting markets which the traditionalist iPhone sports bettor may not even have heard of. Both financial betting and entertainment betting are available on certain iPhone betting apps. These growing betting markets offer an alternative to the regular sports betting.

Entertainment betting was initially started as a way to attract new members to existing sports betting sites and has since exploded in popularity in Australia. Financial betting has been hailed as a form of investment, making use of various stock market options such as Forex.