Best Novelty Bets & Betting Sites in Australia

Many punters in Australia choose to invest their money in online live sports betting that boasts regular markets for their best-loved sports, however, there are actually plenty more options available that sit outside of those parameters.

Some of the novelty bets found online today are available for certain sports, races or political events but still sit within the realms of abnormal, while others go as far as bets in music and apocalypse predictions. Regardless of the type of bet, they all pose a great deal of fun.

Noteworthy Novelty Bets Online

Many online sports betting sites will offer novelty betting opportunities that add fun and intrigue to an already popular sport, such as head-to-head markets on which Twitter account will send out the most tweet during a sporting event.

Some of them can get extremely light-hearted, with bets offered on whether players will dye their hair or possibly get a new tattoo during a popular tournament or event, depending on the commonly known characteristics of that player.

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Music Novelty Betting

It has become increasingly popular for punters in Australia to place bets on the music industry, with the annual Triple J’s hottest 100 countdown proving to be a special favourite ever since the market surfaced several years ago.

One of the other popular choices in music novelty bets is the Eurovision singing contest where punters are able to bet on the outright winner of the show. Moreover, punters can guess whether Australia will put a candidate forth or not, as well as who that might be.

Political Novelty Betting

Many options are available for Australian punters when it comes to political bets, such as determining who the next Prime Minister of Australia will be. However, there is also opportunity to get a little more specific.

Punters can get involved in some exciting political novelty bets that require them to determine the outcome of certain events in world politics, such as an Australian government level double dissolution.

Apocalypse Novelty Bets

There are even options for the sadists of the betting world, with markets available for punters that wish to determine exactly how the end of the world is going to occur. Some choose to wager on the fact that the ice age is likely to occur again, while others believe the world will end from another plague or an alien invasion.

Armageddon obviously needs to take place before a particular date otherwise all of the bets will be voided, but the most amusing part about this type of novelty betting is whether anyone is going to care about claiming their winnings during the end of the world.

Best Novelty Betting Sites

Punters looking for the lighter-side-of-life bets will be pleased to know that having to sift through a plethora of online sports betting sites is no longer the case, with boasting the finest novelty Australian betting sites.

The sites found here have everything you need for an enjoyable gambling experience, from safe transactions to lucrative bonuses and promotions – getting that much closer to winning is simply a matter of signing up!