A Guide To Election Betting Sites

One may not have heard of one of the newest trends in online betting; election betting. Election betting is a fast paced form of wagering which is placed on various electoral processes both local and abroad. Punters in Australia took to the online betting sites in droves during the 2016 USA presidential elections, which turned out to be one the most exciting elections ever run. Wagers were placed on all sorts of things, from the more obvious who will actually be the next US president, to prop bets such as who will be smeared on Twitter by whom next.

Online Election Betting

Also known as political betting, betting on a federal election is conducted via a certain number of online sports betting sites and mobile betting apps. A number of both of these can be found at bettingsportsaus.com, all of which have been pre-vetted to ensure the best experience for Australian punters.

Finding a site which offered political betting was initially quite a hard thing to do but with its growing popularity, there are now more sites than ever before for you to choose from. A number of mobile betting apps also offer election betting for various devices, many specialising and offering sign up bonuses and even free bets for those who join.

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Political Betting Odds

As with any form of Australian online betting, political betting has odds which are laid out by the bookies and online betting sites before the elections begin. These odds will change as the elections progress, so getting your wager in as early as possible is always a recommended plan. Different sites represented on bettingsportsaus.com will also offer different odds, so it is up to you as a punter to have a look through them and chose the odds which suit you the best.

Political Betting Markets                                                                                                                                     

So what can one actually bet on in election betting? As with any sport or activity, the betting markets range from simple to more complicated. Much like a moneyline bet, the easiest bet to place in election betting is a bet on which candidate will win the presidential race. In the 2016 US elections, Australian punters were pretty much glued to their computers, TV’s or mobile devices as the candidates changed positions so fast. Even down to the wire most of the world was still unsure who would actually win in the end.

Other markets include winning party, government after the election, and Senate selection. Of course, betting markets differ from country to country as the political system differs. At bettingsportsaus.com we bring a selection of political betting odds for those who wish to find all of the best options in one place.

Australian Election Betting

When embarking into the world of political betting, one should always be sure to place a bet on a country with which one is familiar. Australian election betting odds are therefore the most popular of the political betting markets in Australia, and thus we bring a handful of cherry picked options to Australian punters. Learning about the electoral process in any country including one’s own is imperative before embarking on any form of political betting. Information on parties as well as candidates can be found on the internet.