Play & Win Horse Betting Online At Its Finest

In both online and land based betting, bettors need to employ some kind of strategy. It makes sense that betting on horse racing is most rewarding when you use a Horse Betting Strategy as it helps shifty the odds in your favour as much as possible.

At we’ve sought out the best Australian online betting sites, so that when you bet on the gee-gees you can use strategy to great effect, and not worry about anything else. All our sites are safe, secure and offer great odds, ensuring you get the most out of your horse betting activities!

Find The Best Odds

First things first in online horse betting, find the most favorable odds. This can simply be done by signing up at any one of our recommended Australian betting sites. This is important for Horse Betting Strategy as you can sign up to multiple betting sites and then list and compare the odds provided on the same events so that you can always find a value bet.

In the long run the smallest of differences in odds will pay off in a big way. This is something new bettors rarely consider, looking at sports betting as a long term investment rather than a get rich quick plan.

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Manage Your Bankroll

You won’t get anywhere in horse racing betting if you don’t have any cash to wager with. Tying in with looking at betting in the long run is managing your funds properly so that you can regularly wager but in smaller amounts.

This is the only way to find true rewards in mobile betting. The point of Horse Betting Strategy is to increase your odds in such a way that your wagers start paying off in the long run.

With smaller wagers any losses you incur will just be par for the course. A single loss won’t wipe you out for the month. Instead it will just become a statistical blip in your win loss record.

Lay Betting Strategies

A common strategy seen in horse racing bets is the Lay betting strategy. What it entails is fining a horse race with 10 or more competitors.

You then check the horses in the top three statistical positions. Now pick the horses that have between a 2/1 and 5/1 odd of winning and bet against the one with the lowest odds of winning.

According to this betting strategy this lay bet will pay off 80% of the time. It can be fun to try out this strategy but remember to always temper these bets with your own research.

Any Horse Betting Strategy you find will usually have some margin of error.

Backing The Beaten Favourite

Another popular horse betting system is to back a favorite horse who has been beaten in a previous race.

This is a popular betting strategy since often the odds against that horse will increase in the next race due to shifting public opinion. Again, this is not a fool proof method, especially since many people are aware if this strategy and more than likely the betting will simply even out and not necessarily provide a bettor with true value.

As always, try this betting strategy but still take into consideration your collected data and personal Horse Betting Strategy.

Be Selective With Your Bets

There is a huge range of horse bets online so it is possible to be selective on which wagers you choose to take.

Using a combination of statistical analysis and finding the most favorable odds using our recommended sites, it’s possible to find a great selection of value bets to make your betting experience as rewarding as possible.

Horse Betting Strategy applied correctly will change the way you see online sports betting. For the best horse betting options sign up with any one of the great sites endorsed by and use your new found knowledge to place solid wagers!