Top Entertainment Betting Sites, Odds & Guide

Initially, entertainment betting in Australia was offered by various sports betting sites to attract new members with something a little different. It became so popular however that entertainment betting is now a legitimate betting market in its own right, and is offered by a number of both sports betting sites and mobile betting sites.

Awards Ceremonies

One of the biggest things to bet on in terms of entertainment betting is awards ceremonies. These come about mostly in the beginning of the year and provide huge amounts of betting opportunities. The most obvious markets such as who will win best actor are very popular on a number of sports betting sites, but the smaller prop bets can be just as exciting. Awards ceremonies are full of celebrities, which is almost a guarantee for drama of some sort. Betting on who will slate off who when they accept their reward is popular, as is who will have a public melt down on the red carpet.

Reality TV

There are so many reality TV programs these days that it would be surprising not to have a betting market especially for them. Talent shows, as well as shows where people race around the world or have to survive on a desert island, provide numerous betting opportunities, many of which are available for the Australian punter. Again, the main markets such as overall winner are the most likely to be found on sports betting sites, but looking carefully will reveal a number of smaller bets such as which judge will react in which way, and even how contestants do after the show is finished.

TOP Entertainment betting SITESApril 2024
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Novelty and Other Bets

Some entertainment betting is not based on any award ceremonies or even TV shows or movies. Placing bets on the everyday lives of celebrities has become a large part of entertainment betting. Wagering on what a couple such as David and Victoria Beckham will name their next child is popular, as is how long a certain celebrity will stay in rehab, or even if they will be sent back to rehab within a certain time frame.

Smaller prop bets can be found on a number of sports betting sites all aimed at being a fun way to turn a profit. Some extremely weird bets such as the World Sauna Championships and the Finnish Wife Carrying Championship also fall under entertainment betting. offers a selection of the most diverting entertainment bets available throughout Australia.

Placing An Entertainment Wager

Finding a site which offers entertainment betting may seem like a daunting task for the average Australian. There are so many sports betting sites out there, how will you know which one is the right one to choose? proudly offer a list of Australian betting sites which offer entertainment betting, all guaranteed safe and secure. Since you are working with your hard earned money, you cannot be too careful when choosing your site.

Our list includes mobile betting apps as well as sites which have been specialised for certain mobile devices. These guarantees you a seamless betting experience with software that has been designed especially for your hardware. This eliminates annoying scrolling around of pages’ which don’t fit on your screen, as well as tiny sign in options.