Top Rated Online Golf Betting Sites & Odds

Golf is played on a course and golfers can play either 9 or 18 holes. There are professional golf events going on around the globe and these include the 4 major tours, Masters, US Open, British Open and PGA Championship.  Golfers who manage to win all the major tours will win the Grand Slam of golf.   Other prestigious golfing events are the Ryder Cup and Race to Dubai.

All of these events as well as others draw punters from all over to place bets on a range of different aspects of the game. As the game of Golf has enjoyed a bit of a revitalisation recently so too has Golf betting. Now, all the top Australian online betting sites offer a wide variety of Golf bets, and at we can help you find those that offer the best odds, biggest array of markets and so much more.

Betting on the Overall Winner

The most common and most popular wager is betting on a golfer to win a golf event.  The sportsbook will post the odds of all of the players. This is the easiest bet as punters must choose their favourite to win and if the golfer wins they win the bet, if the golfer loses then the bet is lost.

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Eachway Bet

There is also an eachway bet where punters can place a wager on the winner as well as a golfer to place finish.  The place will depend on the sports betting site, but it usually means finishing in the top 5.  Punters will receive a quarter of the win odds if they win the place bet.  This type of bet has the potential for big earnings as punters have the chance to place bets on golfers considered as outsiders, that is, the lesser known golfers who may also be members of the golf club and so would know the course very well, as opposed to other players who do not often play on the course.  Often, these lesser known players will surprise everyone and be placed in the top 5.

Betting on Groups

During a golfing event golfers will play in groups or 2 or 3 at different stages of the game and sportsbooks will post odds on these groups.  Punters can bet on which golfer will score the lowest in the group for a particular round.

Some sportsbooks will match up some of the golfers, usually the big names and then post the odds of these.  Punters can then bet on which one will finish with the better score across the four days of the event.  The sportsbooks will pair golfers who they consider as having the same ability, which means that the odds are usually close.

Other Golf Bets

Sportsbooks may also offer bets that are based on where the player is from.  This bet works in the same way as betting on an outright winner, but only the golfers on the list can be bet on.  Sportsbooks may also offer bets on the rookies of the sport or possibly the winners of past tournaments.  Punters can also place bets on the larger golfing events and bet on the final score or if a golfer will hit a hole in one or which golfer will be winning at the end of round one.

Betting on golf has great potential and doing some research before placing any bets will increase the opportunity for a successful bet.  Punters are advised to look over a golfer’s past performances to see how they did as well as looking at how they perform on certain courses.  Punters should also choose a reliable sportsbook offering competitive odds, and big betting bonuses.