Best Betting Apps For iPad – Our Detailed Review

tablets have been around Australia for many years, and none more popular than the original; the Apple iPad. The iPad boasts a large, sensitive touch screen as well as great sound and a smooth operating system. All of this makes the device perfect for placing sports bets online. iPad betting can be done by way of apps or applications, as well as certain websites which have been customised to run on an iPad. At we have a comprehensive list of the best options for your device.

iPad Betting Apps

iPad betting apps come in all shapes and sizes. There are a number of advantages to making use of a specialised app for your tablet rather than just using a generic sports betting app or site. have taken all the guess work out of choosing the correct app for you and has compiled a comprehensive list of the best iPad betting apps for you to pick from.

Placing a bet online with one of our iPad betting apps means that you are guaranteed that the software has been designed especially for your device. iPad apps fit perfectly onto the screen, so no more scrolling around to try and find the information you are looking for. Both the hardware and the software of the iPad are being used to their optimum efficiency, providing the best possible sports betting experience for you.

In App Bonuses

Many of our chosen iPad betting apps come with various sign up bonuses for new users. These are designed to attract new members to the site by offering them something for free. One of the most popular forms of sign up bonuses is a free bet. This is a wager given to the new user, which can be placed on a preselected list of sporting events. The free bet is not usually very big, but it does vary from app to app so taking the time to look through all of our premium iPad apps is a recommended activity.

Another form of sign up bonus is a deposit match. The app, many of which are linked to big name online sports betting sites, will match your initial few deposits up to a certain percentage. This is usually over a given period of time as well as a predetermined number of wagers on your behalf. The deposit match will have a dollar limit on it, but again different sites offer different amount, so shop around before settling.

Truly Mobile Betting Opportunities

Although the iPad is a bigger than its telephonic counterpart, it is still a truly mobile device. Placing a sports mobile betting wager on your iPad means that you can be pretty much anywhere in Australia when you want to do this. This is, of course, providing that you have a secure internet connection and enough data. Wagers on a large number of sports as well as other markets can be placed from a friend’s house, the pub, or even work if you have a break.

Up to the minute results are delivered to your device via the best iPad betting apps found on, keeping you in the loop with the outcomes of your bets. Information on various sporting competitors such as horses and teams can be looked up with minimal effort, all of which helps to ensure that your wager is successful and profitable.